Transforming client acquisition and service

The Brief
Insurance partners AEGIS traditionally relied on flights to N America and weeks on the road to meet specialist brokers and introduce their product offerings. This was time-consuming, expensive and limited by the number of prospects a person can meet face-to-face. At the beginning of the pandemic that struck in 2020, Overthrow proactively bridged the gap by proposing a new digital approach to customer awareness, client acquisition and 24/7 support that would reduce costs and scale growth.
Expand reach across new markets
Accelerate customer acquisition
Boost sales
Reduce helpdesk support tickets
The Solution
A reusable and modular microsite that can be quickly and easily customised to accommodate a range of different AEGIS products, targeted towards any number of target prospects. As well as a front end designed to educate and convert cold prospects, the platform also features a resource rich client portal that houses in-depth explainer videos, marketing resources and traditional FAQs.

The platform allows multiple sites to be created rapidly, and connected via a seamless CRM integration that makes client navigation across products simple and intuitive. The platform is built to plug straight into a number of marketing third party services and will provide a rich data layer for the product and marketing teams to leverage for future optimisations.
Reusable microsite
Flexible front-end
Customisable user journeys
Reduced helpdesk support requirements
Advanced data insights