Turning a Complex Business Process into a Streamlined Digital Product

The Brief
The client had a complex business process that over-occupied team resources with heavy amounts of paperwork. They needed a solution that freed team members to utilise their skills on growing the business and developing fresh product offerings.
Digitise a Manual & Time-consuming Process
The Solution
Our team worked alongside our client to map the time-consuming business processes that were inhibiting their specialist team's output and productivity. From there, workflows were identified and we were able to design and develop a secure client-facing web app portal that connected multiple cloud databases to generate documentation quickly and whenever needed. The web app portal, built on REACT, has limitless capacity for scale, both in terms of product offering and types of customers it can serve.
Customer Facing Quote and Bind Platform
Qualified for HMRC R&D Scheme
The Results
The resulting platform has provided our client with a unique advantage over their competition. Specialist insurance quotes and policies can now be generated in minutes, not days, and provides a self-service platform that saves time, boosts operational efficiency and has already handled policies worth in excess of £250M. Overthrow Digital continue working with Aegis to expand the number of products available on the system.
Winner of Outstanding Service Quality Award
£250M Worth in Policies Generated