Digitising & Monetising an Out-of-date Pen and Paper Process

The Brief
The Duke of Edinburgh had the ambition to enhance their partner relationship with sponsors, increase the number of affiliate sales they generated and ensure that Award participants received the full benefit of discounts open to them for relevant pieces of kit.
Improve partner relations
Increase affiliate sales revenue
The Solution
We took a paper-based exercise and digitised it. Rather than participants writing out in pen and ink what they thought they would need for upcoming expeditions and checking it with their team leader, now they could use an online platform to auto-generate lists based on the types of expedition they were embarking on, share it with other participants and leaders, as well as refine the items before following the affiliate links to purchase, at a discount, what was needed.
Interactive Kit list generation
Affiliate Sales
The Result
Since its launch, the interactive Kit list has led to over 15,000 unique transactions on Duke of Edinburgh Award partner brand websites. This impressive conversion rate represents 30% of the 50,000 participants that created an expedition kit-list.
50,000 unique users
Over 15,000 affiliate referrals
30% Conversion Rate