Delivering Digital Transformation

The Brief
Harmonic’s web redesign had several overlapping objectives. Shift market perception, expand brand awareness beyond the broadcasting industry, update the website design to reflect Harmonics’ innovative business, improve customer engagement, increase lead generation and enable the marketing team to accurately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
Update website
Advanced CRM & Marketing Integration
Boost efficiency of the marketing team
Boost efficiency of sales team in lead conversion
The Solution
Working alongside our UX sister agency Thin Martian, Overthrow Digital produced a brand-new website. Built on WordPress with a REACT front end and featuring advanced integration with the client’s Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing software, coupled with the simplified user journeys and mobile-first approach we were able to deliver a much more effective lead generation platform.

As part of the project, the team implemented advanced content personalization, lead scoring, and data capture alongside Pardot.
Advanced Salesforce CRM integration
Pardot Integration
REACT WordPress
The Result
The Result
Following the launch of the website, we were contracted to work with the international marketing team at Harmonics Inc on an ongoing basis to support with lead gen activities across multiple campaigns. Our team were also commissioned to lead the UX and UI design for a new flagship product that formed the spearhead of the client’s pivot into VOD publishing.