Saving Time & Reducing Operational Inefficiencies with Cutting-Edge Tech

The Challenge
IES engineers wasted time and resources every day attending callouts to client sites to fix lighting issues that had been mis-identified and assigned to their team to repair. To remove this costly operational issue in their business they reached out to Overthrow Digital to design a solution.
Facilities Management App
Remove incorrect maintenance callouts
The Solution
We designed and developed a facilities management application that allowed engineers to audit and plan the fitting of facilities to a commercial clients' properties. The system enabled clients to manage their lighting facilities, book repairs and maintenance via the app. Importantly the app enabled IES to spot maintenance problems that had been wrongly allocated to their business, significantly reducing the number of wasted callouts.

The system used iBeacons and mesh WiFi across client facilities, which was leveraged further to reveal heat-mapping data and location tracking via the app. By integrating our bespoke system with open-source technology and API’s we delivered a fully functional system and managed its roll out across several stores.
iBeacon & WiFi Mesh technology
Store Heatmapping
Resource allocation
Calendar and booking management system
In property heat-mapping functionality
The Result
Once developed, Overthrow rolled out the new system across flagship supermarket stores in London. The successful completion of the project resulted in the system being deployed nationwide.
Improved operational efficiency