Rigorous Automated Testing & Quality Assured Outputs

The Challenge
A leading Lloyds of London Insurance Underwriter needed to know that their policy quotes and contracts were 100% accurate prior to a consumer facing digital product launch. With millions of potential variable inputs generating insurance policies the outputs needed to be right every time and using a traditional, manual process would prove to be too time-consuming and expensive.
Ensure complete accuracy for insurance system
The Solution
A fully automated test plan was devised to run every potential combination of variables through the system and verify the results. Our system was running thousands of API and GUI based tests each day, and by the end of the project we had tested over 70,000 data-sets.

Using Alure reporting and JIRA to manage workflow, log errors and manage development updates the team ensured that the system was thoroughly quality assured and working smoothly.
API Based Testing
GUI Based Testing
70,000 Data-sets tested
The Result
The automated framework we developed is capable of handling any data set and testing it against the client system. Not only did we assist the client in transforming a manual, time-consuming and costly process into a fully automated one, but we also exponentially increased the amount of data and variables they were able to test, ensuring they had a product that was more reliable than ever before.
99.9% Quote and Bind Accuracy
Multiple errors identified and resolved