The Show Must Go On

The Challenge
Mama needed marketing and e-commerce websites as well as on-site festival apps to attract, convert and engage their festival-going audiences. The platforms needed to be designed and developed within a tight deadline, and when others had failed to deliver Overthrow Digital was rapidly onboarded to save the situation and meet the client objectives and timelines.
Deliver three Ecommerce & Ticket websites in four months
The Solution
To meet the deadlines our team designed and built one system that could be rapidly reskinned for each festival brand. Streamlining functionality across all domains sped up development and deployment time, simplified content administration whilst still enabling individual and unique brand experiences to be delivered on the front-end.
CRM Integration
Native iOS & Android App
The Result
Overthrow Digital delivered three websites that increased e-commerce conversions by 28% as well as a set of festival-goer native apps on time and on budget. As well as hitting the immediate client needs, our solution also provided a 31% cost saving on payment gateways and a 78% cost reduction for web services.
Online sales conversions increased 28%
31% Saving on third party payment gateway transactions
78% Cost reduction for web services