Connecting Multiple Event Ticket Distribution Platforms

The Challenge
A leading online ticket distribution platform centrally managed ticket sales across multiple third-party distribution platforms for sports, music and other stadium/arena events. They needed a system that could maintain accurate ticket sales and available inventory in order to avoid duplicate sales and keep an up-to-date central database for reporting and sales analysis.

There was limited documentation on the existing tech stack so the client needed a team that were able to investigate and map a solution from scratch.
Connect multiple third-party platforms
Ticketing solution
The Solution
Overthrow Digital developed an API that was able to extract, read and import data from multiple third-party platforms, reconcile sales and then map ticket sales onto a platform that enabled customers to select a seat and see what view they have of the sports pitch or stage. Accuracy was key to ensure that customers buying tickets could see the view associated with their selected seating and that no duplicate sales were made.
The Result
The system is now used as part of the ticketing for major sports events, including the English Premier League and Championship League as well as for music and other arena events.
API future-proofed to accommodate inclusion of additional event and sporting arenas