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Joachim Treasurer

5 ways Automation can maximise your digital email campaigns

Email marketing is now much broader than just email - the use of social media, mobile marketing, iBeacons and more have changed this singular medium into an integrated online marketing landscape. One of the key assets of the ever evolving email marketing stratosphere is automation. In this weeks blog we take a look at automation and how it can benefit your email marketing campaign.


What is automation?


Email automation allows a series of emails to be sent out automatically based on specific subscriber criteria that you have set up in your lists. The major benefit of this is that it builds upon your email marketing strategy, producing superior results while at the same time using less resources. These can be setup to run automatically, triggering emails based on time delays or actions like email opens and clicks.


Who is this for?


For anyone who is running email campaigns for a company or business and is looking to use email marketing to increase their brands online presence.

Automation is an amazing way of maximising and organically growing your existing mailing lists. Processes can be set up to activate based on a diverse criteria of customer actions, presenting great opportunities to leverage, engage, and interact with all the people in your marketing database.


How does it work?


Based on your email data, you can set up workflows that can increase your interactions with clients and ultimately help you understand how to market to them more effectively. This is an introduction into how to manage a few basic workflow processes.


Event management


If you are hosting a live or online event like a webinar you can use email workflows to automate your communication with your registrants leading up to the event as well as communicating with them during and post event. For example, you could create automated emails that deliver important information your subscribers should know about leading up to the event, such as hotel accommodation, travel information, and information about speakers at the event. When the event ends, you could send a workflow to attendees that thanks them for their attendance and asks them about their experience to get real time feedback while the excitement is still fresh. You could also interact with them during the event, by asking for opinions during live breaks throughout the event.


Content marketing


Content marketing has been the marketing buzz word for the last few years, and righty so. Using automation you can tailor the content you send your subscribers by sending targeted email campaigns based on your audiences preferences. This can build brand loyalty, reduce your spam rate, improve open rates and increase the interction your subscribers have with your content without you having to do anything more than setting up a workflow.


Audience behaviour (VIP customers)


Any good marketer will know that the subscribers that interact with your content the most need to be nurtured and looked after. It is possible to create a list for the subscribers who interact with your website the most. You can use triggered criteria such a high amount of visits to your website, opens in emails, clicks on social media posts and form submissions.

Because these sunscribers and customers are alrwady highly engaged with you, they're more likely to share your top content. You could also include a property that adds subscribers with a certain amount of Twitter followers, for example, to pull social media influencers who then may in turn share your content with their vast amount of followers. Yes you can even do that! This could be useful to understand who your most loyal customers are, and could help you run loyalty competitions and rewards also.


Abandoned shopping cart reminders


Have an e-commerce site? Anyoe who does knows all about the frustrations of abandoned shopping carts. However, using automation you can trigger workflows that remind customers of their forgotten purchase when they ads an item to your online store's shopping cart but leaves the site without completing that purchase. 


Grow with social media


There are many things you can do to increase engagement with your subscriber list. One way is to utilise social media so you're constantly keeping in the forefront of your subscribers minds. Doing this in conjunction with your email campaign is the perfect way to keep current. 

The more subscribers and customers who share your emails, the more potential you have for opens, clicks and conversions. This cna also help to identify who the key influencers on your subscriber lists are as most email service providers (ESPs) include metrics on who has shared your emails the most often, as well as the effect their sharing has had on key stats (opens, clicks, conversions, etc.).

There are many more ways to interact with potential customers/subscribers and most of the time it is up to you to discover what is most effective based on your lists behaviour.

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