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website design trends
Written by:
Ana Bozzano

Web design trends for 2015

Flat Design is evolving

Flat design has been around for a while now, but in 2014 became a huge trend in web design. Next year, flat design will keep growing and evolving by introducing some variations such as very subtle gradients, layering, and animation and it will become, as google called it on their design guidelines, Material design


Responsive design

There are many reasons why responsive design has gone from a trend to a new standard: flexibility, adaptation to multiple screen sizes, one website template for all devices (which saves time and money). And although it has some cons, more and more sites are opting to go in that direction. And bearing in mind that it’s predicted that in 2015, mobile Internet usage will overtake conventional laptops and desktops, we can say that responsive came to stay.


More scrolling, Less clicking

Mobile web has changed the way we navigate the web, and as it continues to grow, scrolling will continue to dominate clicking. Users now expect to be able to scroll through all the content on a single page, rather than viewing every single page of a site. And although it is not very good for SEO, It’s more intuitive, easier to do, cuts down on load times and allows for more dynamic interaction to take place between the user and the website.


Typography, typography, typography

The birth of affordable (or even free) web type-kits, like Google fonts and Adobe's Typekit mean that there is more freedom for designers working with a small budget, to bring their typography skills to the web and have fun making type-centered web design. So, considering typographic art is at its peak, we can expect typography dominating web design in 2015.


Large Background Images & Videos

The Internet is a visual medium. Having beautiful background images and videos is one of the simplest ways to make your site stand out. Besides, this offers users viewing your website on a mobile device a much more satisfying experience than squinting, pinching and zooming. That's why we think web design will trend towards integrating large, powerful and impressive images that feature sparse but engaging text overlaid onto the picture. We have previously used it in our Club Cafe Royal website design. 


Ghost Buttons

Minimal, sleek, stylish and with subtle hover animations, they are delightful UI elements. In addition, they pair very well with the large background images and videos we talked about. Examples can be seen in our Wilderness Festival website build.

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