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Written by:
Daniel Csonth

4 tips to make your re-marketing memorable

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a technique used by digital marketers to re-target your potential customers who have previously engaged with your company in the digital sphere. 


Why should you be using it?

Remarketing can encourage your passive customers to engage with your brand. It can increase your conversion rate with strong call to actions. You only spend marketing budget on people that have a strong potential of conversions.


Using Adwords for a re-marketing campaign

One of the most popular ways of re-marketing is to create an Adwords campaign, here are a few tips on the best practices to consider when launching your first Adwords campaign:

Test them 

Test your call to actions and your colours - this can dramatically improve response rates. You can read more about how colour and layout can affect purchases here


Frequency Caps

Frequency caps can help to minimise the amount of times people see your advertising campaign. Why would I want to minimise how often people see my adverts? I hear you ask. If you start following customers all round the web with adverts too frequently, you risk becoming annoying and potential clients may end up becoming blind to your adverts - resulting in a less effective campaign. Implementing a frequency cap into your campaign can be a good resource for maximising campaign effectiveness. A good guideline measure is one advert per user every other day.

Burn codes

If your client has already bought your product, there is no need for them to still see your advert. Ensure your campaign is targeted by implementing a burn code to expire the advert if a desired goal has been completed. Placing one simple line of code on your post-conversion, or thank-you page will remove your new customers from the pool of unconverted users, and they’ll no longer see your retargeted ads. There are also opportunities here to develop an upsell campaign through burn codes and automation - if your customers have completed a goal, think about alternative products or services they may be interested in, and starting a new flow of your marketing strategy.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Google offer dynamic keyword insertion to make sure your advert displays with the keywords your client has searched for. Google states "Keyword insertion can help make your ads more relevant to potential customers, while making it easier for you to create unique ads for a large number of keywords."

Remember the golden rule: click throughs don't necessarily mean conversions, make sure your messaging and call to actions are strong enough to entice purchases.


You can find out more about how Overthrow Digital can help with your remarketing campaigns by visiting our services page - happy re-marketing!

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