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Written by:
Ana Bozzano

Brand begins with colour

A key consideration for any brand is colour. When talking about colour in terms of branding though, it is not simply about making your brand pleasing to the eye. We have already talked about how colour can improve your conversions but in this blog post we will be talking about the more subtle techniques that can be used to convey your brand to the public. It goes far deeper into our conscious and sub-conscious and affects the way we perceive a brand. 

All colours have meaning behind them, both positive and negative and it’s important to understand your target market so that the colours you use have resonance in communicating your brands essence. 

Below is a chart which illustrates colours and the meanings that are associated with them:



Case Study - Rose Partners 


Rose Partners came to Overthrow as a new start up seeking a brand identity that would clearly set them apart from their competitors. Focused on a unique range of protection services to high-net and prestigious clients they wished for a brand that would resonate with this market and convey a strong no nonsense attitude with a sense of ‘Britishness’ that holds gravitas globally. 

The brand had to be confident and sophisticated so black was chosen as the primary colour. This choice worked perfectly when accented with a bright red that formed the main icon, an English red rose, a symbol associated with English and ‘Britishness’. The red also reinforced attributes such as strength and danger both of which are strongly associated with the work that Rose Partners undertake. The final colour white completed the Rose brand. This gave great contrast and flexibility. 

Green is the new red 


A second example of colour and meaning can be seen with the launch of Coca-Cola Life. Coke is a classic example of where the colour is an iconic part of the brand. What is striking about the launch is that the Cola red has been dropped completely for green. The rational for this colour change becomes clear when reading Coca-Cola’s press launch where they state “Coca-Cola Life is a cola with lower-calorie and sweetened from natural sources”. If we look back at the colour wheel, green is associated with nature and growth therefore conveying to the customer Coca-Cola Life as a healthy and natural drink. 


To Summarise 


Colour plays an integral role in communicating your brands message to your target audience and you should always understand your market, especially if you have one eye on a global customer base. For example yellow, red and green are considered lucky colours in China, with red considered the luckiest of all.

Of course the colour chart is only a guide and there are always exceptions to any rules but it's a good place to start.

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