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Joachim Treasurer

Why Content is Key

Your brand is only as good as the content it produces. That’s the old marketing motto, and in an ever expanding digital landscape this has never been more true.

Why is content so important you ask? There are a number of reasons why you should be making time in your schedule to produce content for your brand, each vary in their objectives and reasons but all have the same basic outcome… To increase awareness of your brand. In this blog post we’ll outline some of the key reasons behind producing regular content and how you can do it efficiently.


Brand Personality


Whether you’re a B2C or B2B marketing agency, fashion retailer, restaurant or PR company, the need for unique and diverse content is paramount. Not only does it show the public (your potential customers) you know what you are talking about, an authority on your sector if you like, but if produced right, it can add that personal touch that is becoming increasingly important in a world where the consumer is becoming more and more wary of large faceless corporations.

Say you’re a recently launched restaurant and you want a digital agency to run a marketing campaign for you. Who are you going to trust? That agency that has a website that brags about how brilliant they are and all the amazing campaigns they’ve ran for companies. You should feel lucky to be represented by them shouldn’t you (insert sarcastic emoji). 

Or that agency that has a section on their website dedicated to blog posts offering free advice and case studies about their clients to help anyone that needs a little free guidance. While the first agency may seem impressive with their macho bragging, many companies will more likely be drawn to the agency that they feel will give you their undivided attention, an agency you feel will be as proud to work with you as you’re proud to be with them. 

It’s all about perception and creating content in the right way can help elevate the perception of your brand, connect with your audience and give them the sense that they’re really connecting with you on a personal level.




In the 21st Century, if you want to find something you look online. Gone are the days when you would look for a plumber or builder in the Yellow Pages, nowadays it’s all about Google, Bing and Yahoo.

With this comes the need to appear as near to the top of the first page of search engines so you are viewed before your competitors and therefore have a better chance of gaining customers. Considering 75% of users never scroll past the first page of a search engine it is obvious the importance of featuring on the first page of Google et al.

Furthermore, the more unique content you create, the more pages your website has, thus meaning the more links there are back to your website. Therefore increasing the chances of your website appearing in the first page of search engines by organically searching for terms you may have included in your content.

Consider this… Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a 434% better chance of appearing higher than a company that doesn’t, but it sure as hell does help to get a leg up over your competitors that may not be so content inclined. Additionally, website conversion rates are on average six times higher for companies that use content marketing. It seems a no brainer right?


You can do it


Content marketing is constantly evolving and is the fastest growing form of marketing. While 62% of companies that use content to market their brand out source it, that doesn’t necessarily mean out sourcing is a necessity.

There are thousands of companies that can’t afford neither the time or money to hire a team of marketers to create an in depth 12 month content strategy. We can’t all be Coca Cola and Red Bull. However, clever and simple content can be just as effective if it is created in house by one person as long as it is thought through and represents the brand the right way. The key, think how the consumer would think and create it regularly. What words and terms would they search for if they were searching for the service your company offers. Now include these terms in the content you produce.

You still need to have a strategy in place for your content, but essentially, if you have the know how and marketing acumen you can produce worthwhile content that will do all the necessary things to get your website ranking high in search engines and thus turning it into a free advertising tool. Simples!

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