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Joachim Treasurer

The 5 Best Marketing blogs on the Internet Right Now

There's no shortage of online marketing blogs on the world wide web. Whether it's email, social media, SEO, analytics or content marketing, you can find almost anything you need to know about the fastest growing industry on the internet nowadays.

But with this wealth of exposure comes a wealth of below par knowledge. Never fear, we are here to help. Below is a list of the 5 best marketing blogs on the internet right now, chosen by us, the Overthrow Digital team.


1. Econsultancy


A no brainer really. Econsultancy, with it's huge award-winning team of marketing experts and content writers, is possibly the most extensive and informative marketing hub on the internet. It's blog section includes articles relating to anything from ecommerce to the most interesting marketing stats from that week. You can search for topics split into categories including report topics, research and events. Beyond the blog section itself the website has event listings, training courses and the latest job alerts. Sign up to their RSS and receive the latest blog posts as and when they're published.


2. Violeta Nedkova


This is a hidden treasure and personal favourite of ours. Co-founder of Amazemeet, Violeta's posts are focused on helping startups discover their potential. Topics range from anything from content marketing, social media, creative thinking to inspiration, but it's her posts on psychology and it's place in the industry that stand out from other marketing blogs. If you want to read a more personalised blog from a marketer who has got their mind firmly ahead of many other marketers then this blog is the one for you.


3. Chris Ducker


Chris Ducker is a content marketing expert who's posts explore how to get the best out of your recently launched business. He focuses on entrepreneurship with his articles featuring anything from handy marketing tools to interviews with leading entrepreneurs. With a weekly podcast that features in depth interviews and analysis of the latest trends, this blog is a must for any marketer looking for knowledge from someone who has been around the block and some.


4. The Oktopost Blog


Another hidden gem. If you're looking for a blog that offers you everything you need to know about social media in the B2B marketing landscape then look no further. As a company, they offer fully integrated marketing services, however their blog is so informative and educational that you would be a fool not to make the most of it's content alone. Their content is split into four categories, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing Influencers and Content Marketing and with podcasts, simple how to's and infographics it is the perfect place for everything B2B.


5. Story Needle


This blog is quite a unique proposition. All about content marketing, Story Needle is focused around the art of story telling and the importance of it in modern day content strategies. There is the odd post on data and a few on ROI but the interesting thing about this blog is you can really come to understand the key to effective, and more importantly, emotive content that tugs on the heart strings of your customer base. If you're new to content marketing or trying to fine tune your own strategy then Story Needle is your ideal stop off.


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