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Joachim Treasurer

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

A few weeks ago we explored why content is so important to build the awareness of your brand, but what if no one sees any of that content. You've worked endless hours on thinking of creative and unique topics to blog about, put together infographics and images and double, triple and quadruple checked every word for any off base grammar. But no one's seeing it. It seems like a waste right? Well it's not. In this weeks blog we discuss how you can boost your blogs traffic and give you some handy tips on how to get the most exposure out of your content.


Reshare on social media


A common misgiving with sharing content is that once it’s been posted that’s it; it’s out there now and it shouldn’t be re-used. A lot of clients we work with share their content on all their social media channels as soon they publish and expect it to pick up hundreds and thousands of clicks straight away and the job is done. This just isn’t the reality.

Consider a twitter feed, for example. Twitter users only see about 5% of the tweets posted by the people they follow; a twitter feed isn’t like a Facebook feed where content pops up that is relevant to you, it is time sensitive. Within 2 minutes of tweeting your latest blog post it could have been pushed down by hundreds of other tweets by accounts your fans follow.

Now, we’re not telling you to spam your followers. That’s a sure fire way to lose fans. Why not share your latest blog post on Twitter a couple of hours after you initially posted it, maybe the next day also and a couple of days after that. You could also re-post it on Facebook the following week and then on Google+ a couple of weeks after that, followed by re-sharing it on Linkedin that same week.

There is no exact amount of times that you should re-share your blog posts, each persons website and followers will differ but one thing you should always do is vary the message you post with your link. Never just replicate what you have previously posted.


Be subtle and creative with your keywords


As Google continues to evolve so does it’s algorithms. First there was Panda, then Penguin, followed by Hummingbird and now we have Pigeon. Each time these new algorithms occur marketers adapt how they work with SEO and the landscape changes.

The logic behind keywords, however, has still (for the most part) stayed the same since Hummingbird’s update. Previous to Hummingbird users had to be a lot more specific about what they searched for. This in turn rubbed off on marketers and content creators who would pack their content full of the keywords in tiny little 300 word blog posts.

When Hummingbird was introduced in 2013, it meant that blog posts and articles that were rich with interesting, longer content started to gain more traction in search rankings. Content that didn’t just use the same keywords, but used synonyms started to appear higher. This hasn’t changed (yet). When it comes to deciding on your keywords think about the synonyms that relate to a specific word or phrase and include these. SEO is now more about subtlety than ever before.


Guest bloggers


If you really want to grow your audience and get the content on your website noticed a great tactic is to use key influencers to write articles for you. Reach out to bloggers in the specific areas that your blog covers and ask them to become contributors on your blog.

Not only will you be getting excellent content for your blog but you’ll also be getting access to your guest bloggers social media following and essentially free promotion as these bloggers will want to share the content they have written (which will be on YOUR website).

Most of the time you will need to pay the guest bloggers, especially if they are quite prestigious or write for a number of publications, however there are a lot of bloggers out there who are just getting started but still have quite a large social following. You could offer the below as an alternative to payment if you are working on a tight budget.

•    Offer to share content from their own site
•    A link back to their website from every post they write for you
•    Give them free use of your services
•    Link them up with contacts you have for future writing opportunities
•    Link back any work they do for you to their social media profiles

Engaging influencers and working with them is a fantastic way to increase your readership; quite often bloggers write for other big media sites and are able to link to something they have written for your website from a third party site in the future.


Re-channel your blog posts


Something we always recommend our clients do is to repurpose the content on their blogs for alternative channels. Each of these new posts could then be uploaded to its own separate channel, where it would be seen by a new audience and help to generate more traffic. For example, you could turn a blog post into:

Podcasts - Record yourself reading your post and upload it to iTunes. Alternatively, if you have the budget, you could turn the subject of the blog into a discussion and interview guest bloggers or industry experts.

Videos - The word blogger has become synonymous with Youtube in recent years. You could utilise your blogs content by recording yourself reading your latest blog and build yourself a Youtube audience (more on this in a few weeks).

Email Campaigns - You could create a feed that pulls from your blog section and sends to subscribers from your website every time there’s new material posted on your blog. You could also create a monthly email and use the top 5 blogs as snippets to link directly back to your website.

Guides - You could turn a series of posts into an Ebook or PDF guide, which is available to download for a tweet. Alternatively this could be sent out in an email campaign as mentioned above.

It makes perfect sense to re-channel your content. You put so much effort into creating it that it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. Just remember to always add value by making each piece more distinguishable, easier to understand and more unique from the last.

We work with clients who have blog sections on a constant basis, helping them maximise the exposure of their content. If you'd like to see how we could help you increase the readership of your blog get in touch with us at ideas@overthrowdigital.com

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