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Written by:
Joachim Treasurer

4 Design Tools To Swear By

Since the turn of the millennium design software has excelled and surpassed even what the most optimistic digital design specialist could have predicted. With this have come so many tools, programs and pieces of equipment that it can be hard to keep count of all of them sometimes. In this week's blog we take a little look at 4 of our favourite design tools. Some we use and some we think a just really nifty.


1. UXPin


A wire-framing and prototyping tool, UXPin is possibly the most in depth and advanced tool of it’s kind. It can be used to create rapid low-fidelity wireframes, hi-fidelity interactive prototypes or simply to start with a blank iPhone app or responsive website template, designing everything in the app.

One of the main aspects of UXPin we personally love is that it is accessible and easy to familiarise yourself with in a short space of time. It’s easy to use and it’s interface makes for an efficient fast paced work environment.


2. Marvel


Another prototyping tool, Marvel is another one of our favourites when working on client projects. Marvel works in conjunction with Dropbox, which allows the app to select the files it needs to create your project.

Another easy to use design tool, once your PSD’s are in place, you can easily use Marvel's UI to hotlink your pages together.

Marvel has a great preview feature that allows you to choose the environment for your project. If your project is for an IOS app for example, you simply select it from the settings and the preview is automatically adjusted.


3. Avocode


The communication between designer and developer can sometimes get lost in translation. Avocode bridges that gap by making the process of coding a website or app from any Photoshop design simple and easy for the frontend developer.

Avocode’s Photoshop plugin allows you to sync a PSD with just the click of a button before analysing the PSD and bringing it into a beautifully designed UI.


4. Sketch


Since it’s inception in 2009, Sketch has grown in popularity in the design world. Initial versions seemed a little buggy and the interface was not particularly pleasing on the eye. The latest version includes great new features such as the incorporation of CSS logic into the app, making converting your designs into CSS much more manageable, as you have to use CSS logic when applying styles.

Another feature, which is great at quickening up the design/development cross over is Automatic Slicing. No need to manually add slices anymore design friends. Sketch has the ability to create assets using one-click export, which can be exported at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x and in various formats like PNG, JPG and TIFF.

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