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Joachim Treasurer

Productivity management: An introduction to the top management tools for your company

Managing productivity, both your own and that of your team, is one of the trickiest parts of being a successful Project Manager, Account Manager, designer or business owner. Here we talk through some of our favourites software tools to help you ensure your productivity is always managed to it's optimum potency.



Founded in 1999 Basecamp is a web-based project management tool. One of the leaders and a game changer in its field Basecamp has led the in management software for some time now.

One of the things that makes Basecamp so appealing and so popular is its simplistic layout and it’s easy to use dashboard and appearance. Using Basecamp, project and account managers, designers and developers can look at project and task briefs, send attachments and invite external suppliers to projects so that everything is managed in one place.

Task and projects can be set deadlines and when a deadline is nearing the assignee and all that are on the project will receive a reminder ensuring that a project or task on a project never goes over it’s allotted time. 




If you decide to use Basecamp then the logical partner software to use is Harvest. Using Harvest you can track the amount of time you spend on projects, specific tasks in projects and manage the budgets of your projects.

One of the things that makes Harvest stand out among the other time tracking competitor software’s is its reporting system. Here you can get daily, weekly and monthly updates on the amount of time that has been spent on areas of projects and also a financial value of that time.

You can also see who has been spending what time on what area of a project to ensure that everyone on your team is working as efficiently as possible to a project or clients end goal.


Team Gantt


Team Gantt is a chart software that helps you visualise your project and it’s deadlines in easy to view and manageable charts.

Using Team Gantt you can check to see how many tasks each person has on any given day allowing to properly manage each persons workload in case they already have tasks assigned to them in another project.

The big benefit of TeamGantt is that gives you the ability to have all your information in front of you. With just one screen you can see all of your conversations, files, tasks, assignments, availability. The ability to just display your own tasks or view a project as a whole is also hugely beneficial depending on your needs of a specific day.



Zendesk is the ultimate customer service platform. More for Account Managers than Project Managers, you can look after your clients every need, request and task using Zendesk.

Clients will email across tasks and using sets of automations and triggers you will be notified whenever there is a new job for one of your clients. You can also set responses depending on triggers, which saves a whole lot of time emailing to and from and the best thing is that you can customise these yourself so they are not just auto-responders but unique to your customers.

Integrations with Harvest and Basecamp mean that you can track time at a click of a button, while you can also use Zendesk to set up triggers alerting you when a task nears or passes a deadline. O

ne of the big draws of Zendesk is its telephone system. We all know what it’s like… you’ve been on a call to a client and then when you hang up half the conversation is gone from your head. Using Zendesk’s built in system you can record and listen back to your calls so nothing ever gets missed when discussing work over the phone.

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