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Joachim Treasurer

Enhancing creativity in the workplace

Sparking creativity can often be a difficult and frustrating thing to accomplish. Even the most creative people can have moments when they are completely void of any inspiration or creative ideas. In this week's blog we look at some simple ways to enhance creativity amongst your team and ensure that they are working in an environment that brings out the most creative side of them.


Encourage communication and interaction between your team


In some companies, co-workers can go a whole day without even speaking a word with each, even in the same department. This kind of atmosphere and ethos counters any opportunity of creativity within a team.

Encouraging active interpersonal communication between members of your company is the perfect way to enhance the opportunity of creativity. An environment where employees feel free to communicate with each other, free of judgement (remember, no idea is a bad idea) incorporates a friendly and outgoing setting.


Set aside time to inspire and excite


It’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine that many jobs create. A key to heightening creativity in the workplace is to set aside time each week where finding creative ideas is the focus.

Make sure these are set out in blocks – maybe 2 hours a week – and hone in on searching through creative ideas, recent news or campaigns or even blogs from leading experts in your industry. Make a note of your findings and how these are transferrable to a project or your own work and how you can improve on your findings. Not only will this keep a workforce constantly invigorated and inspired, but it will increase their confidence when it comes to group brainstorming sessions.


Structure your brainstorming


A problem with traditional brainstorming, especially in a group, is that not all ideas are given equal opportunity. Ideas presented at the beginning of meetings can often receive more attention when everyone has a fresh mind.

A way to make sure that each idea is given equal emphasis is to properly structure your brainstorming sessions. Before a session begins have your team spend a little time researching separately and writing down their ideas and make sure they are ready with these before the meeting commences. This will ensure that the ideas discussed are done so in a coherent way and without people going off on a tangent while they are thinking about their idea.


Make sure employees with different insterests and experience work together


This is fundamental to increasing creativity. A workplace filled with people with difference interests, experience and specialties amplifies creativity because the more diverse a group's knowledge and interests are, the more diverse the ideas that will arise are. If you have a team with solely the same background, experience and interests, the ideas generated will more often that not be the same as the people with think similarly. Although people naturally want to work with people they have an affiliation or specific connection with, this can hamper the creative process as they are likely to come up with the same solutions to the same problems. 


Place restrictions on your team.


This could sound counter-intuitive, but it’s not. Certain restrictions can force people to think about things differently, or out of the box as the common saying goes. Before a brainstorming session, when your team is writing down their ideas to bring to the meeting, you could tell them to limit them to just 3 sentences, or one paragraph. This will ensure that your team only includes the most important information, therefore optimising the relevance of their idea in the process.

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