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Fabio Lucindo

Design and SEO - A Happy Medium

Nowadays, with the changes in responsive and the emergence and dominance of mobile, designing a productive website takes a whole lot more skill than it used to.

The way you market a website should be intrinsically linked with how you design it. The idea is to find the perfect balance between your website ranking high in search engines such as Google and looking and performing great. At the end of the day, Google will give more relevance to those sites which have the best content strategy and are high performance, being responsive, having quick load times and everything in between.


Content is King


The best way of starting your new website design is by doing a thorough keyword research to find out what the key phrases that people are searching for whilst looking for your products. These key phrases will be the guide to website content strategy.

Once you have your content strategy in place we can start thinking about the Landing Pages. These pages are designed to bring more qualified leads to your website rather than traffic from users that aren’t interested in your product or service.

The idea is very simple and efficient. For example, say you search for ‘digital agencies in London. Users are more likely going to click on a website that matches these words, rather than a digital agency from New York that may have appeared in the search results because of poor keyword use.

Once people land on your site, the design must be well thought out to ensure the client knows they have arrived at the right website and that your website offers what you have said you have.

Now that you have got a potential client on your site, all we need to do is to keep convincing them that they have found the right website.


H1 Tags


Your H1 tags should be as close as possible to the keywords the client had typed into Google, so that this will reinforce the idea that they are at the right place.


Clear Message and Calls to Action


Most of the time your potential client will land on a different page to the homepage of your site. It’s therefore the designer’s job to make sure that the design of the rest your website is as functional and impressive as the homepage of your site. It is paramount that things that establish credibility aren’t missed over the rest of your website, such as USPs.

The first five seconds are crucial; Internet users are savvier than ever nowadays and if a specific landing does not offer what the user expects they click away and you will have lost them forever. A clear Call To Action (CTA) on your page will show the client what the next step is, and an affective CTA, will prompt and convince them to take that action.

Don’t clutter your content with things that might distract away from the main focus of the page. Try to guide the customer to your call to action.

This could be a telephone number or an ‘Add to basket’ if you are an ecommerce website. Product pages should be as thoughtful as the homepage.

Your product is your content and the content is KING


Key Phrase Enrich your image names


When instructing the front-end developer to slice your design, make sure the pictures are also key phrase enriched. This will help the Search Engines index all of your content and increase the chances of your website appearing higher in search engines.

Happy Rankings!

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