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Joachim Treasurer

How To Increase Your Website Visitors Time On Site

Improving the amount of time visitors stay on your website can be a tricky issue for publishers of online material… but it is a fundamentally important aspect to running a successful website. In this week’s blog we have outlined some of the essential basics to keep in mind to ensure your site visitors are kept engaged and maximise the time they stay on your site.


Create Great Content

We’ve talked about this before but this is one of the most elementary aspects of an engaged website. Great content not only has to be unique but it needs to be relevant to your readership, online following or customer base. Always think about value and relevance to your visitor and balance in-depth pieces with shorter, easier to digest content.
Make sure you include visuals and have varied pieces of content that appeal to different target audiences. Take advantage of on-site analytics to understand what content performs best to your audience and try new things to keep them engaged and surprised.


Encourage Clicks and Exploration


Your website should always encourage users to explore the rest of your websites content. Clear Call To Actions and suggestions of relevant material that relate to what the readers have already viewed are crucial. An easy to use and clear search tool is also paramount to helping your visitors find specific areas, pages and content on your website.
Even after you’ve gotten a conversion, you should encourage them to stay on your site rather than close the browser. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, following the users purchase make sure that there are items that are similar to relevant to their recent purchase to click on and view.


Personalise The On-Site Experience


A huge factor in time spent on a site is the relevance the material has to the user. The more a websites page is tailored toward a visitor’s unique user experience and interests, the more likely they are to continue browsing and exploring your site. Use smart content to serve follow-ups and CTAs that are new and relevant to their personal interests.  Another addition is making sure that visitors are being bombarded by ads that aren’t relevant to them. This can lead to losing a visitor, not just for now, but forever.


It’s All About Mobile


Recent stats show that 57% of Internet users are likely to leave a website if it is not mobile friendly. Making sure your site is mobile optimised has to be right at the forefront when you think about design, content, emails and anything else that readers will be interacting with.


Stats are your friends


No one is perfect… and almost no website is perfect either. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all get pretty damn close. Making sure you are constantly looking at key stats such as bounce rates and exit rates of individual important pages to see where people are leaving your website and where they are spending the most time is key to not only understanding how your customer base interacts with your content but also which parts of your site are the strongest. Use the data you discover to tailor your sites content to 

By following these rules of thumb and a few little changes, you will almost definitely see an increase in engagement levels of your websites visitors and help the performance of your site overall.

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