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Joachim Treasurer

The best online resources for keeping ahead of the game with your industry news

We’ve talked extensively about the need to create fresh and unique content for your website in order to increase not only web views but also to keep your audience engaged and a returning one. The same applies to social media and in turn can help with your overall website content strategy.

In this week’s blog we’ll outline some of the best online tools to help you keep up to date with industry trends and make your brand a leading authority in your field, always appearing ahead of the game and your competitors.




DrumUp is a fantastic and in depth tool for discovering fresh and new content. By signing in using your social media profile you can link the Facebook pages you manage, your companies twitter account, LinkedIn and Google Plus account. You can then select a country or countries you would like to receive news from as well as industry sectors in anything from marketing, technology, digital, entertainment, sport, food and drink, travel and tourism and business ensuring that almost all industries are covered.

Following the set up of your account and preferences DrumUp mines through tons of content across the web in real time, and uses sophisticated algorithms to recommend fresh stories most relevant to your audience and the preferences you set up.

Essentially DrumUp can manage all your social media accounts and post for you, however if you want to ensure that what you share is always personalised (highly recommended) you can go in select the pieces of content that they have found for you and edit the copy to fit your brands tone of voice while also choosing what platforms you want to share the particular piece of content to.




A bit like DrumUp, Feedly organises content for you from specific publications, subjects and industries for you to share to your social platforms. Once you have signed up you can select the industries you want to receive alerts and news about and view them all in an easy to look at menu.

Feedly arranges the content that it searches for you into easy-to-read collections and then allows you to delve into the specific stories that interest you within your Feedly or within a specific publication that you have selected. You can then save the stories and come back to them or instantly share them to your social media platforms.

Another great feature allows you to bookmark your favourite authors and set up alerts to receive articles by them. All of this allows you to keep your social media channels fresh and up to date while also allowing you to get ideas for your own content creation.




Pulse, or now known as LinkedIn Pulse, since the professional networking site acquired it allows you to set up a personalised feed by selecting from thousands of sources including LinkedIn influencers.

Using Pulse, you can see the articles and topics that are currently trending high and not only look to share the content to your followers but also interact directly with the publisher of the content. Pulse is a great way to engage with key influencers and look to enhance your social media profile through tapping into the audience of influencers that are relevant to your followers.




Trapit doesn’t just help you discover great content, it allows and inspires your employees to discover great content too, empowering them to be involved in the unearthing of content.

Using Trapit you can organise your team into groups to explore relevant content subjects and articles, share their findings and has a great analytics tool to evaluate the results of each post shared.

Drawing from 100,000 sources, you can discover content via filters such as keywords, URL’s, media-type, source quality, tags, geographic location. Trapit has a great algorithm that constantly improves the relevancy of it’s results by allowing you to rate a piece of content on how suitable it is to your needs. If you give a piece of content a ‘thumbs down’ Trapit learns from it each time and filters out results that are not suitable for you based on the feedback.


In truth there are many more apps, websites and tools out there that can help you discover new, fresh content. It’s all about finding what works for your needs and what interface is easiest for you to work with. However, if you’re new to the content discovery game, these four are definitely among the best and easiest to use.

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