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Joachim Treasurer

How to get the most out of your communications this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Over the last few year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday have developed from being a purely American phenomenon to a global sales event, marking the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Last year Black Friday saw UK retail sales rise at their fastest annual rate in over ten years, with £810 million being spent and online sales jumping 13% year-on-year. 

For ecommerce marketers, the four-day sales weekend is a critical one to capitalise on. That last Friday of November through to the Monday can make or break retailers and brands year-end results. Here are some handy tips to help you make your Black Friday communication as affective as possible.


Make it easy


While it may not be quite like the stampede you see in stores across the pond, Black Friday has become a hectic time in the UK with a huge increase, both online and in footfall. At a time like this, convenience is the key and can be that small added extra that persuades a consumer to purchase from your brand. 

Display any services you are offering during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period nice and clearly so they are one of the first things the consumer sees.

This could be anything from free gift-wrapping to any in store pickup instructions. Whatever may make the process easier during an already stressful time… do it.


Abandoned shopping baskets are your best friend


Abandoned shopping baskets have been massively on the rise over the last few years. At a time like Christmas, when there are endless options for the online shopper, the temptation to continue to explore and then forget to go back to a previous basket multiplies ten fold. 

If you don’t have an abandoned basket email strategy in place already, now is definitely the time to implement a campaign to rescue revenue when shoppers stray. Be careful though, beware the temptation to be overly pushy. No consumer likes to be pressured into purchasing a product. A laid back, fun reminder that they forgot to check out will go a lot further than an intense sales related email.


Offer customer-friendly promo codes


There’s nothing worse than a digital promo code being featured in an image that can’t be copy and pasted. In the current (and future) digital climate where people link their devices so features such as ‘Notes’ can be synced on a Mac and iPhone simultaneously, promo codes need to be easily copy-able so consumers can come back to them later. Consumers will thank you for it, especially on the busiest shopping weekend of the year, when they will have promo codes coming out of their ears.


Personalise your communication


This is another email marketing tip and it’s all about segmentation. During a time like Christmas when everyone is inundated with communications from brands and retailers advertising their festive offers and discounts, personalising your message can go a long way to making your consumer feel more appreciated… Remember, you need them a hell of a lot more than they need you.

You could segment your subscribers based on previous purchases and target them with offers based on it. Or alternatively, target subscribers that have never purchased from you with a discount for their first buy. Anything you can do to make the consumer feel more special on a weekend when the competition will be at the highest point of the whole year is an added bonus and could make the difference between a sale and being moved to the trash folder.

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