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Written by:
Joachim Treasurer

How to build brand loyalty

In our last blog we talked about how to make the most of your communication this coming Black Friday. We talked about how you can attract new customers and massively increase your sales with some simple techniques of communicating with current and future customers.

But what about keeping those customers and turning them into returning loyal consumers who follow and care about your brand? It’s all well and good trying to capitalise on the biggest shopping weekend of the year, however, without retaining those consumers beyond that weekend you will only have to re-engage them again the following year.

Here we look at some simple techniques to build loyalty and ensure current and future consumers feel an affiliation towards your brand or product.




Consumers in the 21st century value honesty and transparency more than ever when it comes to online communications. As humans we only know too well that things can go wrong; delays can hold up the production or delivery line, conditions beyond our control can affect how our orders, requests and even day-to-day lives map out. What confounds that, however, is when a brand or company is not forthright in their explanation as to why it has happened. We can forgive almost anything as consumers, just as long as we feel we are being treated with dignity and respect.

You need your potential customer more than they need you. Never belittle them and always treat them with respect and honesty. They will thank you for it, and you could have a customer for life because of it.


Social Media Engagement


This is kind of a no brainer really. The social media boom is well and truly here to stay and if you want to build a long and lasting relationship with your social media followers, whether they are contributing consumers or just partially interested parties, engaging them is key to brand success.

Asking your followers their opinions on topics, whether directly relevant to your brand or not is a fantastic way to make them feel like they’re important to you. Surveys too, portray to your consumer or follower the feeling that you are listening to their opinions… and you should, they’re your most important assets.


Reward your customers


Coupons and implementing loyalty programs go a huge way in ensuring repeated business and making customers feel like they are valuable members of your community.

The greater the rewards, the more business you can expect. Giving them access to features, news, events or cheaper pre-sales before anyone else is a great way to increase revenue prospects and convert loyalty into commerce and sales.




As was mentioned in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday blog, wherever you can, personalise your communications. The easiest and most effective way is via email marketing.

Simple things, like including the first name in the email, which can be easily done in email software such as Mailchimp as long you have collected that data in the first place, can go a huge way to making your subscriber feel like you are addressing them on a personal level.

Segmentation and targeting customers based on their previous interactions with your brand, whether sales, website behaviour or social media engagement is another effective way of increasing brand loyalty among your email subscribers. Not only does it give them a nice gentle nudge in the sales direction but it makes your email subscriber fell like you care, and more importantly, know them.

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