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Written by:
Joachim Treasurer

Marketing tips for this Christmas Period

As the days get shorter, the nights longer, the temperature colder, we start to look forward to the holiday season. In no time Christmas will be upon us and in even shorter time it will be over. There’s a reason that people say Christmas comes around so fast each year, because it does.

While it seems that every man and his reindeer is running a campaign in November and December for the Christmas period and your campaign could get lost in all the other tinsel covered rubbish, the pros of sticking with it and using the festive period to your benefit far out weigh the cons.

That’s not to say that you can just put any old thing out, surround it with snow and a Christmas tree and you’ve got a great Christmas marketing message. As with anything that has a lot of competition, defining your message and making it stand out are ever more important during the Christmas period.

Here we look at some tips to make sure your Christmas marketing campaign doesn’t get lost and overshadowed by your competitors.


Start Early


As with anything marketing related, planning is one of the main keys to success. Start early – after the Halloween hype is a good time to begin – and keep your customers in tune with your Christmas campaign straight through to Christmas day. Focus on some key dates. In the retail market with the emergence of the shopping phenomenon, Black Friday, the last Friday of November could be a big date to focus your campaign around.


Get a calendar


We’re now in a world where anything can be digital, even an advent calendar. For the last few year’s companies have been pushing the idea of the advent calendar with hugely varying outcomes and results. It’s now time for you to do the same. 

You could offer a giveaway calendar. Each day your customer comes to your advent calendar and clicks on the day it is and a winner is chosen at random. There is a prize each day with Christmas day being the ultimate prize. This is a great way to keep your customer base, especially on social media, engaged and interacting with your brand on a daily basis and keep them feeling rewarded.


Don’t over do it


No one likes a stooge, however there is sense in toning down the Christmas vibe a little. When everywhere you look you see Christmas - television, radio, online, on the high street – sometimes too much Christmas can be a little off putting.

There’s no need to reference Christmas every day or in every message. When something is everywhere, subtlety is the key. Keep the direct Christmas references to every few days or only when it is absolutely needed.


Make your campaign fully integrated


Online presence these days is about so much more than just your website, especially if social media is involved. Consistency is a key ingredient to any successfully engaged campaign, therefore messaging and artwork needs to appear across all your channels. 

It can be extremely misleading and confusing if one channel has artwork featuring your Christmas campaign and the others have completely different artwork and messaging. Some of your customer base or social media followers may only follow you on specific platforms and therefore your campaign needs to be fully integrated across all of them to maximise the outreach of your campaign.

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