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Written by:
Rebecca Thapa

Up up and away - How to flog your blog!

You've either challenged yourself to start writing a blog or you are trying to get back into the world of online blogging. Where do I begin you ask? Reading this blog post is a good start.

If you haven’t already, have a read of our previous blog posts about attracting people to your blog and website here and here. As for this blog post I’ll be adding and reiterating some tips and tricks on how you can increase your online popularity.


Consistency, consistency, consistency


Posting content onto your blog regularly is key in keeping your readers happy and excited for more. Without consistency in a blog it can only result in dust bunnies and tumble weeds. So re-open those draft posts, brainstorm some content ideas and start typing! You want to be realistic with how often you post, especially when you are a beginner blogger. There is no use giving yourself a goal of posting every single day on day one, you want the goal to be achievable. A good beginner goal could be a post every one or one weeks, and eventually if you’re feeling committed and ambitious it could be worth rounding up the number of posts you write!


Finding your niche


If you’re struggling to think of content let’s start here - What are your interests? What makes you happy? Writing about what interests you can open up an unlimited supply of content for your blog. There is a blog for just about anything, but what and how you write your content is one of the ways to make yourself stand out from your fellow peers.


Networking and community


Interaction between you and other bloggers can provide you with more traffic to your blog. As mentioned before in our previous blog posts, collaborating with other bloggers is a good way to bring in a stampede of their readers to yours. After all, sharing is caring.

If your chosen CMS (e.g.wordpress) have people hosting popular events/discussions related to your interests – get stuck in! For example, if you enjoy poetry you can join poetry events such as Writing 201 on Wordpress and join hundreds of other people in a discussion. This is also a good way to find people to collaborate with.


Hashtags and tags


Hashtags or tags are a great way to filter information on a website, thus a great way for people to find your blog! These are keywords that you can attach to your blog posts so that when people who are looking for a specific niche can quickly be redirected to a swarm of blog posts related to that niche, and yours could be one of them! If you have various social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook attached to your blog, the tags will then be extended to users of those social media platforms.

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