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Written by:
Fabio Lucindo

"This is the future son" - Why I became a Designer!

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Early December 1998. It was my last day at High School and the question bugging mine and all my fellow classmates head was, “What do I do now?”

I’ve always been interested in illustrations and computers; these are probably my two biggest passions. I got my first computer in 1993 and first access to the internet in 1995, so I’m from the generation that could still be wowed about the technology revolution and how fast an amazing it was.

From an early age my parents always supported my passion for computers. I remember one day, while I was enthusiastically preaching about some latest piece of software, my father commenting, “This is the future son”. Well, they were damn right.

At 13 my dad sent me to college to do a course in computing. We learnt MS DOS, Lotus 123, Wordstar and a load of other amazing pieces of software, which, at the time, were groundbreaking.

I can still remember it as clear as yesterday, the day the coloured computer came out.  I can remember how amazed I was with the screen resolution and mostly with Paintbrush. This is where it all started I guess. I realised I could create things straight on my screen and print it on my Epson LX300.

I enrolled on a HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Macromedia Flash Course. Yep, that’s right, Flash used to belong to Macromedia)

Bingo, I thought, this is what I want to be, a Web Designer. So I finished college and went out into the big wide world to look for a job. I managed to find an internship in a small agency, where I learned that to design a good website you just needed to know how to use Dreamweaver and a tiny sense of colours. At the time every website pretty much looked the same, so all you needed was the basic skills.

As the industry started to heat up I decided to go to the university and enrolled on a digital designer course with an emphasis in website creation. In Brazil you can opt to study from 7pm until 11pm, so you can work or intern in the day and study at night.

I decided to find a job in a bigger agency so I could see how things work and after three months of searching, found an internship at an agency called Foster. They’re a huge agency in Brazil so you can imagine my excitement. It was my first day that really clinched the deal for me.

Sitting in front of my new boss on my first day, he flat out asked me, “Do you want to be a front end developer, working with HTML or do you want to be a designer and work on Photoshop designing websites?”

Confused and not understanding that the two were separate I chose designer. It was the best decision I ever made. From that day I could focus on being the best designer I could be and how I could improve day in day out.

From there I joined another large agency in Brazil called Lucida as a Junior Designer. At this point, however, I was hungry for more so I decided to move to London and learn English.

The first two years were pretty hard. Without knowing the language I was limited to freelancing, flyers, small websites and newsletters until one day I got another phone call that again changed my life. 

“Would you like a full time job in our agency?” asked this Englishman. Seven years and two agencies later and I joined Overthrow Digital and their amazing design team.


Overthrow Digital


Things at Overthrow Digital are really nice and organized. The team is forward thinking and we have the freedom to create, which is the most valuable asset!

The other thing that I love about working here at Overthrow Digital is that we don’t just build a client a website. Everything we do at Overthrow Digital is focused on how we can improve the clients business using all the tools that are at our disposable.

I’m extremely driven and am motivated by a challenge, which is why I fell in love with design. For me, design is all about the challenge of making things simple. I enjoy being able to make issues that people face in their day-to-day life effortless.

I strive to communicate the message, or objective, behind a graphic as clearly and cleanly as possible. Once I have a solid structure in place, I begin polishing, adding flourishes and subtleties and cutting away at the edges like a sculptor with a chisel, until I have a design which is straightforward, aesthetically pleasing and underscored with my own artistic flair.

This fast paced, vibrant, and often very pressurized environment taught me the importance of committing myself to producing work of the highest standard. Here at Overthrow Digital we enjoy doing this!

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