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Written by:
Nicholas Ayanwale

A brands best friend – The Loyalty Scheme

A great and underrated method of keeping your customers and clients happy is by rewarding their loyalty. We all like to receive kickbacks and feel special and loyalty schemes are the perfect way to give a little back to your most devoted customers.

By rewarding loyalty, your most ardent customers will feel valued and it will encourage them to continue to use your products, services and even promote them to their friends.

Loyalty schemes are a fantastic way of rewarding customers who regularly purchase your products and services. In exchange for their continued support you can reward them with freebies, advanced releases and discounted rates.

Developing these kinds of relationships can be essential for the long-term success of a business. It can increase the chances of one-time buyers becoming long term repeat customers. The more of these customers you convert the more likely you will be able to build a brand with loyal fans of your brand.

Setting up a loyalty scheme

There are many ways of setting up a loyalty scheme, each depending on the varying type of customer base a business has.

One good idea could be to encourage customers to sign up to a newsletter. In the sign up process include a small survey where you can extract key demographic information. This is important as it builds a picture of the kind of people you’re attracting and it will make it easier to market your brand to attract future business.

With the data you’ve extracted you can begin to categorize your clients and send more targeted emails in order to offer them attractive products and offers that might attract them.

Having a loyalty scheme can help you gain a shed load of new customers. If you can tease those who aren’t part of your loyalty scheme with a selection of really great deals, there’s a really good chance they’ll join in order to reap the rewards as well.

You could implement a point system, where the more money customers spend they unlock certain perks. For example, if a customer accumulates a £50 spend they will unlock 10%, they can continue to build it until it reaches 50% or even a free item.

The good thing about a point system is you can offer it to customers who have made purchases in the past. Then you can send them an email every now and again to remind them what they’ve unlocked. 

A loyalty scheme can be a real driving force for your brand. Especially if implemented correctly you can extract key info that’ll help you further market your brand. So why not implement a trial scheme, test it out, develop it and see how it can grow your brand.

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