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Written by:
Paul Davis

What is Search Engine Optimisation – Trust us, it’s not black magic

Search Engine Optimisation, or more commonly referred to as SEO is a digital marketing method that increases a website's traffic. It does this by ensuring the website is served further up the search engine result pages for users search queries. The aim is to get your product or services in front of the user who is actively searching for information related to your website.


The Benefits


The main benefit of SEO is that your website will start receiving much more organic traffic from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The traffic is usually higher quality as your website will start ranking for search queries that are closely related to your product or service.

If done right SEO will produce higher quality and higher volumes of traffic, which in turn raises brand awareness, enquiries and sales.

Many people ask 'Can you SEO my website and how much will that cost?'. SEO isn't just something that can be done over night, it's an on-going process that takes time to refine and perfect. A search engine such as Google aims to return the most 'relevant' website to match a users search intent. It's essential the user gets the right information. Google constantly updates its ranking algorithm to help users search the Internet and get the information they want. The process of SEO is to help the search engines 'crawl' and list your website for related and relevant search terms.


On-site SEO


It all starts with the foundations. You can't build on your search engine optimisation strategy without getting the basics right first. The way we try to explain SEO is to think of the user and what the user wants. Do you have lots of useful information about the product on your site, is the site fast, is it user friendly etc.


Off-site SEO 


Off-site SEO is about building backlinks from high authority websites that relate to your website. A few years ago you could spam links as Google focused on the quantity of links going to a website. Now its harder as its all about building quality backlinks.


Case Study


Overthrow Digital were contacted by a prominent international lawyer who had suffered from a series of untrue and highly publicised accusations about his professional conduct. Having cleared his name he found that his business continued to suffer because of the online legacy of the bad press.

Our team immediately carried out an online audit to identify the articles and publishers of the content having a negative impact. These publishers were all contacted and asked to remove the content. This had an immediate positive effect but there were still some pieces that remained online.

Overthrow designed a content plan and outreach strategy that steadily took over the negative press, outranking the pieces of content that were detrimental to his reputation; pushing them further and further down the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) to a point where they lost virtually all traffic.

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