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Charles Duke

As easy as 1, 2, 3 - Stay ahead of the game with Facebook lead ads!

If you want to build your email subscription list or generate new customers and enquiries, then Facebook Lead Adverts are a great way to do it. Lead ads allow companies to generate leads or sign ups by running advertisements with easy to complete forms to potential customers. It allows users to sign up to email lists, get price estimates or sign up to deals.

The beauty of lead ads is that people can complete and submit the form with only two taps. That’s right, two taps! The forms are pre-populated and do not require any inconvenient pinch and zoom on a mobile device. Using lead ads is a much more cost effective way of generating sign ups as you don’t need to drive the user off Facebook and worry about yet another conversion rate. Just optimize the ads and targeting on Facebook itself. Simples.


Running the Ads


As the world continues to shift to mobile, lead ads have been specifically built to run on mobile devices. The pre-populated information is taken from the users Facebook profile and can include as many or as little as;

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
  • City
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • Company Name
  • Job Title

You will have the option to customize the form and capture only the details that are important to you and your business. With privacy in mind, the user has the option to choose which of these fields to hand over to the company running the lead ads before they press the ‘submit’ button.

This pulls the traditional sign up process into the newsfeed and keeps users engaged with Facebook for even longer.

The leads can be passed directly from the sign up form into your CRM. This allows companies to handle and respond to leads in real time. Currently leads can integrate with Drift Rock, Market, Maropost, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Salesforce using the Facebook API.

If you already have the Facebook tracking pixel implemented on your website you can use it to build audiences and target people likely to sign up to your email lists.


Case Study


Land Rover ran lead ads with great success. They knew they needed to make it easy for people to request a car quote on a mobile device.  They ran lead ads targeting people they knew were interested in learning more about Land Rover on mobile devices.

‘In early A/B testing, Facebook’s native lead ads outperformed link ads driving to the website to fill out a lead form in terms of total leads and conversion rate, while driving a 4x reduction in cost per lead compared to previous social lead generation tactics,” Kim Kyaw, Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Land Rover, told Facebook.


So how can you use lead ads?

Email marketing


Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any digital marketing channel. The bigger your list the more you can potentially earn from it. You can run lead ads to get people to subscribe to your different lists. The great thing is it’s a two-tap process so the form completion rate will be far higher than running paid social ads and driving the user off Facebook to a form.


Real time enquiries


The leads can be passed straight into your CRM so the ads can be targeted at people that may want your services and responded to in real time. Just as Land Rover did you may want to run the ads to increase mobile enquiries.


Data privacy


One thing to note here is the data you collect from lead ads cannot be sold to third parties. Therefore lead gen businesses can’t collect and sell the data. This is something to be careful of and bear in mind. Facebook also require the lead ads to have a link to your company’s privacy policy.

In summary Facebook Lead Ads simplify the mobile sign up process so people can easily sign up to newsletters, product demos, price estimates and so on. It allows the business to handle leads and respond to them in real time with actionable information provided by the user. As a result of the two tap sign up process the cost per lead will decrease. 

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