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Written by:
Nicholas Ayanwale

Brands are missing out by not using Snapchat & Periscope

Over the last 5 year’s Snapchat and Periscope have taken the social media world by storm. 

Snapchat boasts 110 million daily users and Periscope users watch a staggering 110 years of footage on a daily basis. You can already imagine what the potential reach on these platforms is. 

Snapchat allows users to send short video messages (snaps) to their friends or they can compile a bunch of semipublic clips together to make their story. Periscope on the other hand allows its users to live stream to the public. 

Yet there is still a big gulf of marketers that aren’t taking advantage of the two social media platforms. Many brands are still overly focusing on the traditional forms of social media; Facebook, Twitter and now even Instagram has fallen into this category.

Here we look at why marketers should be expanding their social media platforms to include Periscope and Snapchat in their strategy.

Tell the whole world that you use these platforms

As Periscope and Twitter share the same developers, both platforms work seamlessly with each other. So if your brand already utilizes Twitter you can set it so when you go live on Periscope a tweet is instantly sent to followers so they can view your stream. This is great especially if your twitter page has amassed a healthy following. 

One of the best ways to grow Snapchat is by simply sharing your Snapcode through social. This will instantly allow people to follow you on snapchat. 

Build relationships with potential consumers

One great thing about Snapchat and Periscope is that they are still relatively new platforms so there is no correct way to use them. This is great because it means as a brand you’re free to take risks and experiment to figure out what works best for you. There is also huge potential to reach people of a younger demographic and you can keep them engaged by offering short bursts of interesting content. 

If you have a new brand, you can exhibit your products in great detail, hold Q&A sessions and show behind the scenes footage in order to build your potential customers confidence and loyalty in your brand. 

As Snapchat Stories and Periscope broadcasts are available to stream for up to 24 hours, people are able to view content multiple times. Potential customers who are still undecided can view products multiple times to help come to an informed decision.

Snapchat and Periscope are available in many countries across the world, so this will enable you to easily reach and develop relationships with foreign markets. As it’s quick and simple to communicate through these platforms there is an increased chance of grow your brand in these markets.

So to conclude Snapchat and Periscope are really good tools to use especially if you wish to engage with a young tech savvy demographic. If your brand is ready to take risks in innovative and creative ways, these are the platforms for you. 

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