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Nicholas Ayanwale

5 of our favourite Euro 2016 Adverts

Euro 2016 is well under way and fully in swing with the most talented and biggest names in football are competing either with or against each other in order to bring the trophy back to their home nation. With football fever red hot across Europe some of the biggest brands in the world have released TV ads in a bid to cash in on the excitement surrounding the tournament. Here we list five of our favourites currently doing the rounds.


Nike released their TV spot entitled ‘The Switch’ starring some of the biggest names in football including Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Anthony Martial. The story of the ad revolves around Ronaldo taking a tumble and his football skills are then transferred into a boy watching the game in the stands. It’s a funny and emotive story that makes you laugh and brings out the human side of the world’s biggest football star. The video amassed over 9million views in its first day, which is pretty amazing. 

Check out the Nike Football Presents: The Switch video here



If Carlsberg did La Révolution... and How far would you go for tickets to UEFA EURO 2016?  

Carlsberg’s first TV spot ahead of Euro 2016 featured ex French International Marcel Desailly who swipes a load of tickets from French Aristocrats and then throws them down to a large group of people so they can attend Euro 2016 free of charge. It’s another great ad from probably the most clever and ingenious alcohol brand.

In conjunction with the ‘If Carlsberg did La Révolution’ campaign, Carlsberg also launched ‘How far would you go for tickets to UEFA EURO 2016?’ where a group of people walked around the streets of France encouraging the public to follow them so they could earn free tickets to the Euro 2016 final.

Check out both ads La Révolution ad here & check out How far would you go ad here


Jamie Vardy, Danny Welbeck and Harry Kane star in Mars Bar’s Euro 2016 offering as they’re accompanied by hundreds of England fans as they arrive on the shores of France. In this comical ad hundreds of England fans are franticly swimming and sailing towards the French shore dressed up in their England shirts and carrying flags with the St. Georges cross.

You can watch the Mars Bar #BELIEVE ad here

Paddy Power

Paddy Power presents Scotland's Euro 2016 anthem
Paddy Power has long been famed for their comical and original marketing material. In their Euro 2016 campaign they turn it up a notch even by their standards. Spoofing the popular England song from the 1998 World Cup campaign, Vindaloo by Fat Les, they turn it into a song about all things Scottish (which in itself is bizarre as Scotland didn’t qualify for the tournament) such as the Loch Ness Monster, Deep fried Mars bars, hills, kilts and bagpipes. Then to further poke fun at England fans they decide they’ll be betting on England to lose to provide them with the happiness they need for the Euro’s.

Check the ad out here


Airline, Lufthansa chose to mock England fans in this rather hilarious TV spot. Showing two England fans at an airport, one turns to the other and says: 'Flight's cancelled... they've rebooked us on Lufthansa.' The fan looks confused before then realizing he will be 'flying with the Germans'. 

The advert then flashes forward to the passenger on board a plane where everyone is wearing Lederhosen before cutting to a young German fan displaying four fingers at the England fan, to represent how many times Germany have won the World Cup. Last but not least, to inflict one last piece of misery on the England fan, Andreas Möller’s penalty against England in the semi final of Euro 96 to knock England out is displayed on the in-flight entertainment system. Oh the agony!

Watch the Everyone’s Fanhansa here 

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