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Written by:
Nicholas Ayanwale

How marketers are making use of Virtual Reality

The virtual reality age is finally among us, techies all over the globe are rejoicing by the exciting developments VR has seen since the last major boom in 90’s. Virtual Reality has gone a long way since then from the clunky headsets, low resolution screens and ridiculously expensive prices, this time round the headsets are streamlined, portable, have great graphics and most importantly are affordable. 

Virtual Reality is only going to get bigger over the next few years with many big brands investing heavily in it with an aim to further blur the lines between reality and the virtual realm. This is actually really exciting for marketers as it enables them to provide immersive & realistic experiences for their customers.

Over the past few years many brands have already started using VR to market their products and services. Some have been truly breathtaking and provided some jaw dropping moments. So for all my creatives out there here’s are a few of our favourite uses of how marketers have used Virtual Reality to promote their brands and services. 

Marriot Hotel

Marriot hotel ran an amazing campaign a few years ago called ‘The Transporter’. They created telephone box sized pods fully equipped with Oculus Rifts, Heaters and Wind Jets in order to simulate being in different scenarios. 
So a user would step into the booth, put on the headset and straight away would be transported into a virtual hotel room, where they can walk around and choose to travel to either Hawaii or London.  So if you chose to be transported to Hawaii you’d find yourself on a beach where you will start to feel hotter, warm misty breezes will hit your body and you’ll hear the ocean in the background.


Last year Outdoor-Apparel brand Merrell utilized Virtual Reality to support the launch of their new hiking boots called the Trailscape. In order to create an immersive virtual hiking adventure when you put on the VR headset you’re transported high up in the mountainside and you’ll have to figure out a way to cross damaged rope bridges and a crumbling ledge. 
This amazing experience was premiered at the 2015 Sundance film festival and was described as being the first “walk around” virtual reality project. 

Paul McCartney Virtual Reality Concert

In 2014 a free app Jaunt teamed up with Paul McCartney to provide viewers with a surreal VR experience as if they were on stage with him at one of his concerts. The viewer can be placed onstage, backstage, in the crowd or right by McCartney’s side.
In order to further enhance the experience, the sound would also vary depending on where you are in the arena and the direction in which you’re facing at the time providing a sonically perfect experience.

Volvo Test Drive 

A few years ago Volvo became the first company to utilize Google Cardboard for its Virtual Reality campaign. To promote sales of their new SUV the XC90 they created a VR experience that would place you into the driver’s seat in order to test drive the new ride through the countryside. If you’d like to test it out simply download the ‘Volvo Reality App’ and either place your phone into a Google Cardboard box or create your own to enjoy this experience.

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