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Giorgio Criscione

Landing pages: Creating a web design strategy for successful inbound marketing.

Strategise your landing page designs

An objective and strategy are necessary for an effective inbound marketing that can help generate leads from your digital presence.  The homepage is the front window of a shop. People look around, quickly make a judgment and have an understanding of what is sold in the shop and the quality of the products, these interactions are based on first impressions.

Most people spend 10 seconds or less on your home page before making the decision to either 'bounce' away from your website or continue exploring the rest of the website. First of all, the user needs to be instantly engaged when they visit and understand what you do as a business instantly. Then the user has to feel confident that you as a business understand their challenges, show that you have solutions, highlight your USP (unique selling point) and finally (if you can) show reviews or case studies from past customers.


What is the difference between landing pages and homepages?

The goal of a homepage is to connect with the user and influence them to convert or explore the rest of your content. It is important that the content pages are search-engine-optimized to match Google's ideal page structure (e.g. heading tags, bullet/numbered points) and include a 'natural' amount of keywords/phrases/search terms that will not look 'keyword stuffed'.

Unlike the homepage, the major goal for landing pages is to turn a visit into qualified leads and for this reason, the page is designed with conversion in mind. Straight to the point copy coupled with meaningful information for the user is the perfect mixture for a persuasive copy.


Which is best for my inbound marketing strategy?

Any inbound marketing traffic should always be directed to a focused landing page rather than to a website's homepage, product detail page or shopping cart page. This is not only vital for traceability but it is also helpful if you are selling multiple products or setting up promotional offers for different target segments. Landing pages will help you to keep your key message direct and personalized. When running a marketing campaign, the metrics take priority based on accountability and testing the design and copy.

For users to find the landing page on search engines, the page has to be search engine optimized so that the page can be found easily. The traffic your landing page gets and a good percentage of conversions will help you to guarantee a rise in the rankings of search engine results pages.


Design and strategy tips for highly effective inbound marketing

There are many tips and techniques that have proven to work for different types of landing pages. Here are just a few key pointers to keep in mind whilst you are designing them:


•   The primary headline of your landing page should match the ad visitors clicked on to get to the page.

•   The call to action (CTA) should be (if possible) positioned above the fold and always very visible, or use indicators such as arrows to direct users to the CTA if it is underneath the fold.

•   A landing page should have a single purpose (focused on the conversion) and thus a single focused message.

•   The product/service advertised should be used in context.

•   Using a video is a big plus because It’s been shown to improve conversion by up to 80%.

•   Edit to preserve the page from unnecessary content. Content is very important for SEO but the excessive content could be detrimental. Use bullets point when possible.

•  Be sure you use real customer reviews ones for authenticity.

•   A/B testing is always a good idea. There are no fixed answers so let your customers decide which message works best for them.

•   Partner co-branding will increase trust by association.

•   Segment users by traffic source by sending your different traffic sources (e.g. PPC, email, social media, organic, banner traffic etc) to separate landing pages for better message match and measurability.

•   Segment by the user type: don’t send offers about women’s health products to the men on your email list.

•   Show your phone number so people know you are real and can interact with you on a personal level.


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