Bespoke Digital Product Development

What is a bespoke digital product?
Whilst and App or a website is a digital product, a bespoke digital product is typically a specialist tool developed for an organization that has a very clear need that cannot be solved via an off the shelf product. It can be customer or internal facing - and is typically used for disruption, transformation, automating business processes and driving efficiency.
How can a bespoke digital product? help my business?
We’ve built numerous digital products for clients, and these pieces of innovation nearly always take out-of-date manual processes and automate them, making your team more efficient and more able to dedicate their skills to new business boosting challenges.

Whether you’re trying to increase growth in a new market, streamline processes through automation, connect with your customers in new ways, meet regulatory compliance or build a more flexible working environment, our digital products will help you make it happen. Our solutions can include a range of technologies designed to support your business, artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, virtual reality, augmented reality, business process management and a host of other technological solutions.
Can a digital solution be applied to all types of business?
We’ve helped a range of different business types transform ways of working across accountancy, insurance, consultancy and more (including our own) with bespoke digital products that reduce the risk of human error, lower the time and number of people required to complete tasks and speed up analogue (and archaic) ways of doing business.
Research & Development Tax Breaks
Sounds expensive? Think again, Overthrow Digital are experts in aligning your business goals with ways of working that can neutralise the cost of designing and building bespoke software.

We work alongside R&D Tax specialists to ensure your organisation recoups as much of its investment as possible. We can even work with you to audit potential R&D activity you’ve carried out in the past 3 years without knowing it, claiming for that and helping you build the funds you need to invest into your bespoke digital product.