How should I budget for hosting?
Once your project is completed it’s important that the product works smoothly and efficiently. Hosting impacts many aspects of a digital product including speed of performance, the number of users on the platform at any one time, security and more. It’s one of the least exciting but most important parts of a project and our team will be able to provide expert guidance on the selection of the hosting package and the setup and deployment of your project.
How can we help with hosting?
Overthrow Digital has a long history of collaborating with industry-leading hosting companies to tailor the best solutions. Whether working with complex cloud solutions or in-house systems, we have the experience to ensure that your hosting matches the quality of your product.
What Types of Hosting are available?
SHARED - This puts the website on one server where it shares resources (bandwidth, disk space, etc.) with other websites. If other websites are resource-greedy, the website’s performance and sometimes security can be compromised. Shared is suited to very small blogs or portfolio websites with light volumes of traffic.

CLOUD - This is like Shared Hosting, except that the website shares resources with other websites across multiple servers. This way, if performance is lagging or there’s an outage on one server, another one can take the strain.

VPS - By having a Virtual Private Server you still only get access to resources in a small segment of a server, but you're not sharing the resources with other websites - they’re all yours. This provides the benefits of improved security and more reliable performance.

DEDICATED - This is the most expensive and requires the most support to maintain, and we'd typically be recommending this to our clients when they’re hosting an enterprise-level website or global ecommerce site from it.