Innovation Workshop

What is an Innovation Workshop?
Understanding your goals and setting your vision is the first step in becoming a digital leader. A natural starting place is our innovation workshop.

An innovation workshop is a series of focused blue skies group workshops and brainstorming sessions. The objective is to conceive of a product that could help your business disrupt, grow or innovate.

The outputs align key stakeholders within your organisation & provides an innovation blueprint. This is a detailed set of documents that outline your project timeline, identifies the functional & technical specifications and acts as the plan for creating your innovation.
How will Innovation Workshops help your business?
The innovation workshop typically takes between three and six weeks depending on the depth of the project. It is split over three to six focused sessions of 2hrs each, with additional time for our team to write up the session notes, carry out additional research and cycle back to your team at agreed feedback points to ensure everything is on point.

Typically, we need access to your management team and key stakeholders for between 8-15 hours across the duration of the workshop.
How much will a Innovation Workshops Cost?