Product Development Workshop

What is a product development workshop?
A product development workshop is a series of focused group sessions with the objective of developing product innovation ideas you and your team have thought up independently. The sole purpose is to take your ideas a stage further: clearly defining the product with a focus on features, functionality and the best technology to build your solution.
How will a product development workshop? help your business?
If a gap has been identified in your business operations that can be filled with the application of technology then the benefits will be clear, and the product development workshop will help to further define, cost and accelerate your business towards achieving the deployment of this.

Our team are also experienced in designing innovative technological solutions that carry the benefit of government R&D tax rebate schemes, so that we can recoup a large proportion of your investment.
How long does it take and who needs to be included?
The innovation workshop typically takes between three and six weeks depending on the depth of the project. It is split over three to six focused sessions of 2hrs each, with additional time for our team to write up the session notes, carry out additional research and cycle back to your team at agreed feedback points to ensure everything is on point.

Typically, we need access to your management team and key stakeholders for between 8-15 hours across the duration of the workshop.

The final report is presented to you and your team, providing you an opportunity to ask further questions on any part you are unsure about.
How much does a Product Development Workshop cost?