Digital Support & Maintenance

Why do I need support for my digital product?
Once the creation of your digital product is completed, the process of managing its entire life cycle begins. A common misconception is that once your digital product is tested and launched it will never need ongoing maintenance and support. The truth is not quite so simple. Popular web browsers, mobile operating systems, third party products you integrate with and other APIs are always developing so you will need to keep in step.

Equally, as well as the technical parts of your digital product, the customer facing front-end interface needs to remain fresh and up to date with new graphics and ways to engage with your brand. Just like a retail shop, you need to keep it fresh, so your customers remain interested and engaged. Ensuring that your tech and your creative evolve alongside your customers and your businesses needs is critical when looking to get the most out of your digital product.

We have the resources and the teams to ensure that your product, regardless of its nature, is kept in optimal working condition throughout its life cycle.
How do support packages work?
Our monthly support retainer packages guarantee a number of hours to carry out a range of support and maintenance tasks each month.

We base our recommendations of the number of hours you will need on a series of factors related to your project. We’ll likely always use these hours, but if we don’t you can roll unused time adding it into your next month’s allocation.
What types of regular support tasks do we do?
All sorts, from security and plugin updates to keep your platform safe and running smoothly to server maintenance, deployment of tracking tags, development of new pages, modules and functionality.

All our clients' needs are different, some prefer to utilise time on a set number of tasks, whereas other have requirements for a broad range of items on their tick-list.