Technology Audit

What is a technology audit?
A technology audit is an audit of your organizations' technology structure. It creates an overview so that we can understand everything that's being used in your business and will help us make sure that you're getting the best out of it. We analyse connectivity, efficiency, and security to produce a plan that highlights gaps and opportunities.
Why should I do a technology audit?
A lot of businesses don't use technology to its full potential. Solutions are either missing or haven't been connected to other systems, leaving businesses reliant on a series of time-consuming manual processes which could be automated, saving a lot of precious time.
How will a technology audit help your business?
By identifying the technological gaps and opportunities we can develop strategies to help you operate a more efficient business; improving customer service, driving sales, increased customer lifetime value, reducing churn and freeing your team from time consuming admin tasks so that they can assert themselves to new initiatives that make more effective use of their skills.
How long does it take and who needs to be included?
Not long at all. We can complete a technology audit in under a week. It begins with a simple questionnaire that's filled out by you and your team and then returned to us. From this initial audit we will then delve deeper, ask questions and setup a call if required.
How much does an Technology Audit cost?