Why is testing digital products necessary?
With the proliferation of browsers, screen sizes, devices, apps, technology platforms and an increasing requirement for solid digital products across the globe, a robust testing and launch plan will ensure that your product has the start it deserves.

Testing is a vital part of any bespoke website, app or digital product development. It shouldn’t be seen to be an unnecessary bolt on to a project but a vital part of the process that needs to be considered. If testing is left out to save budget then you’ll pay for it later down the line when customers start flagging issues with your platform. This can damage business partnerships or consumer confidence in your brand so it should always be accepted as a useful step in ensuring a quality product you can have confidence in is released to the market.
What sort of testing do we offer?
There is a wide variety of different types of testing that can be carried out to support the development of a digital product. Some of the typical forms of testing we carry out for clients include;

Q/A & Functional testing - testing the ‘Functionality’ of a digital product laid out in the product specification and ensuring everything works, even testing screen readers and other accessibility considerations where required. This also includes mobile testing, utilizing an expansive device library to ensure your product looks and behaves as expected.

Pixel Perfect Front end testing – Ensuring your digital product reflects the signed off design perfectly, that the UX is fantastic and that it works across every device & modern browser.

Automated Testing - when you need to run up to millions of variable data-sets through a system to ensure the results are correct.

Penetration Testing - a type of software testing that looks to find vulnerabilities of the system and determine that a system’s data and resources are protected from possible malicious attack.

Performance & Load Testing – Also referred to as Load Testing is a testing practice performed to ensure that a a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. If you are developing a product that will be used concurrently by a very large number of users then Performance testing is a must.