CubeFunder is run by professionals with experience and understanding in running small businesses. They provide modern lending solutions that allow that puts lenders in charge of the best times for the repayments to leave their bank.


A responsive and light weight website platform that would place them solidly within the competitive small business loans market.The website needed to be simple to navigate, user-friendly as well as being fully optimized for search engine optimization and paid media marketing.‚Äč


The resulting website design and development employed multiple best practices to ensure CubeFunder were well placed to benefit from all potential sources of traffic from organic to paid media. And once on the website, a smooth and simple user journey was designed to quickly funnel visitors to a predefined conversion point for the in-house sales team to follow up. 

The website also needed to securely integrate with multiple third party systems, including the clients bespoke CRM, customer review portals, and multiple other marketing services. 

Since launching the site, the team has continued to support with ongoing technical enhancements to the site, continually finding ways to streamline the in-house workflows for the CubeFunder team. 

Our SEO consultancy has also contributed to an ongoing strengthening of CubeFunders search visibility and domain authority, as we see it rise through the rankings and gain more and more traffic. By reviewing the on-site behavior our team is able to feed valuable insights back to the design and development departments to continually optimize the performance of the website.

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