Admiralty Arch


Overthrow digital proposed a simple yet stylish website aiming to gauge the interest of the audience with sneak peeks into PIC’s vision for their project, but also highlight the grandeur and importance of Admiralty Arch as a London monument. It was also be Overthrow’s duty to ensure that the Admiralty Arch website will include the finest top-level functionality for both users and admins of the website.


The design of the Admiralty Arch website was based around creating a quintessentially British site that balances the contemporary and the traditional perfectly. It was planned and executed in-line with the existing branding and in a manner that reflects the sensitivity and authenticity of the restoration of this beautiful landmark building.

The website is fully responsive and also viewable across a range of devices so that the user can access the website with ease in different ways. The Admiralty Arch website is also integrated with the client’s Instagram account so that it showcases their own images. In addition to this, we implemented a page that showcased a stream of images from Instagram using a hash tag specific to Admiralty Arch for user interactivity.


A beautifully crafted and technologically advanced website which clearly communicates the vision of the project, the fantastic team who are making it a reality, the history and heritage of the building, and how this all informs the vision for the renovation. The Admiralty Arch website communicates the monument’s compelling story and allows its visitors to experience its journey. Truly highlighting Admiralty Arch as London’s most luxurious and sought after destinations worth visiting.

Overthrow’s advanced design team created visually stunning videos and bespoke animations showcasing the beautiful and iconic features of Admiralty Arch. These have been scattered across the website, but the history page timeline and contact page holds the most intricate pieces of digital work.

The website also includes impressive imagery and content that has been provided by the team at Admiralty Arch, which will immerse its audience and peak their interest in the building. These visuals are located across the website to promote interactivity and prolonged audience engagement.

The Admiralty Arch website highlights the building as a unique, historically rich landmark that showcases the layers of history within the walls of the building and the people who made it.

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