Captain Planet Foundation - Project Hero


The Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) appointed Overthrow Digital to create two websites for their ‘Project Hero’ campaign.  The CPF wishes to set up a revolutionary campaign for young students by taking them on a “Hero Quest” to learn about their local ecosystem and its species that are in danger. The Hero Quest campaign will implement a hands-on real-world project to make a positive difference to the world around them.

As well as helping to save the world, The CPF wishes to create an online presence for the project with a supporting landing page and a minimal viable project for future investors to the charity and schools based in the USA. The CPF would also like to integrate nature conservation experts to provide advice to the users of the learning tool as the Hero Society.


Overthrow Digital will create a hub for students and teachers to equip themselves with the learning tools they need to understand and unlock their superhero qualities in helping endangered species by completing quests.                                                  

We also aim to create the core data architecture and organization of information provided by Natureserve to be used to feed the platform with content and data to support the learning. We will:

  • Have usable MVP to demo in schools and prove the concept to investors.
  • Integrate into a local database with extracted data from NatureServe.
  • Create a front end build to reference the local databases geolocation & species data to provide front end learning content – maps, images, text.
  • Provide introduction & help video/animation to explain the project to users.
  • Give educators access to the Hero Society at any point in the journey to ask questions to the experts.
  • Provide educators a selection of curated quest activities for their class to question as “Quests” with supporting quest downloadable material.


A fun and interactive and Quest site that helps to mobilise the youth around the world to take real-world actions in conserving biodiversity. Also, an accompanying landing page that is informative and clear about the intentions for the Project Hero campaign for potential investors to invest in the charity and for schools to utilise.

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