Face Britain website design



We were asked by Princes's Foundation charity Children and the Arts to support their national charity campaign Face Britain requesting all children between the age of 4-16 to submit portrait artwork. The images were made in to a large scale digital portrait of HRH The Queen and projected onto Buckingham Palace. We were asked to create 2 websites, marketing material, animated videos and other supporting assets.


The first site we created went live prior to the start of the launch of the project and targeted teachers and parents, giving them all the information required to understand and take part in the project. The site was designed to be easy to use and read with an editorial feel and a clear information hierarchy.

The second site went live with the official launch of the campaign and was aimed at children between the ages of 4-16. This site was much more visual, playful and experiential. As well as engaing with the children to encourage them to take part it acted as the main area for uploading portraits. We worked with Photobox to create an upload tool and secure hosting area for the images to be submitted and store and also feed these image back in to a live gallery on the website. As the target audience spanned such a wide age range we also had to create and include video for nearly all pages of the site as a large part of the target audience could not read. 


The Face Britain campaign recieved over 230,000 unique portrait uploads, millions of pound of media coverage, over a million web sites, many national awards and broke a world record.

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