Gresham College
Quote When Overthrow first unicycled into Gresham College, we knew that this was the agency for us. From initial contact through to the final sign-off of the site, it has been a pleasure to work with their team. We have always been able to have the utmost confidence that Overthrow were on our side working for the best outcome for us and our new website. Quote
James Franklin, Head of Communications at Gresham


Gresham College appointed Overthrow Digital to design and build a new website and refresh the brand so that users can feel intellectually stimulated.

Most importantly, the client wanted the site to allow easy access to their lectures by providing information about future lectures, increase the visibility of their lectures both from beyond the website and once on the website; modernised and a fresher image overall.

Finally, the client wanted to make content sharing easier and attractive as well as greater flexibility for staff usability.

They organise their content effectively and increase user engagement with lecture materials both online and to simplify the process of ticketing for physical lectures.


To design a website that will enable an intuitive learning experience for the user. Create a fully responsive site that will function across multiple devices. We want to ensure that the user journey is simple and easy to use particularly when using the database of online learning resources.

We will organise their content effectively and increase user engagement with the lecture materials both online and to simplify the process of ticketing for physical lectures. We want to promote the future programme of live and online lectures available to the public and in general increase the traffic, engagement and user retention.

We also want the administrative side of the website to be simple to use for the staff at Gresham College by creating a bespoke rich media publishing and content management system.


A better representation of the Gresham College brand as a leading, highly accessible and well-established learning institution. A newly designed and built website which enhances the user experience for visitors to the Gresham website. This will encourage users to register and build their own database of learning resources and will be equally accessible and usable for users who do not wish to register an account.

The website uses a responsive framework to optimise the viewing experience for users no matter which desktop, tablet or mobile device they are viewing the website on. The content management system also ensures a more organised way for staff to utilise the website through categorisation and filtering, email automations, newsletter integrations, user registrations and more.

Future programmes both live and online will be available for the public to be involved with and allows the public to also reserve tickets for upcoming live lectures. We have implemented an e-ticketing service and other services to accommodate live streaming lectures, which are integrated with live streaming and video integrations for users to view. 

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