Kokoon Technology partnered with Overthrow Digital to create a fully functioning ecommerce website for their up coming, ground-breaking product; the world’s first sleep sensing headphones.

The website should enable users to easily explore the product information, guiding them towards a purchase as a natural end point of the user journey. It has to be visually impactful, device responsive, designed from a mobile first standpoint and with great consideration given to the user experience.


Overthrow tackled the purchase journey with a mobile first approach at the forefront of the mind. The purchase journey featured a simple one stage checkout to enable the fastest process with minimal hurdles and a straightforward, intuitive user journey. 

The website extends and reinforces the Kokoon Technology branding. Special care of the online use of product imagery and typography is used to ensure the brand and product is communicated clearly.

The website is fully integrated with social media to optimize the dissemination of content through these channels. Overthrow aims to enable Kokoon to accumulate as much user data as possible for any future direct marketing initiatives, as well as integrate the website with third party services to enable them to monitor the sites performance. 

An information and blog style section full of curated content will be made, which will include articles that cover written pieces, small videos and podcasts.


A super intuitive online shopping experience that provides a streamlined, simple shopping journey for users to make a successful transaction confidently. It has a modern and futuristic aesthetic to the design in order to engage users when they visit the website, which is also responsive and can be viewed across a range of devices. 

The Wordpress platform utilizes the WooCommerce plugin to handle the sales aspect of the user journey and allows for admins and shop managers to manage the sales they receive on the CMS easily. The website also allows for customers to utilise multiple currencies when they are making a purchase.

The website is fully integrated with Kokoon Technology’s social media platforms, newsletter subscription and Google Analytics for the team to monitor the performance and analyse data. Overthrow has also SEO optimised the Kokoon Technology website content to ensure the maximisation of new users that have organically discovered the website via search engines, video channels and social media platforms.

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