Quote Their approach from day one was of as if they were part of our start up. Overthrow Digital delivered everything they promised and put the time and sweat into the process. What impressed me above all was that even after launch they still keep the high standard of caring, understanding the needs of the business and working to help us deliver results on the field. Quote
Nir Sapir, Founder & CEO of localove


localove is an interactive community platform across a synchronised network of mobile applications and websites that allows it’s users to interact with the diverse and unique local products, services, experiences and stories that shape their local community. localove came to Overthrow Digital for guidance and help in building, developing and formulating a vision and strategy for launching the platform into the community.

Overthrow were approached by localove to bring their new platform to market and grow suppliers and the customer user base, which will in turn grow the value of the brand. Further developing the localove website and create new native mobile applications for iPhone & Android, where all platforms work in synergy.


The key goals were to create a fast, reliable, and consistent system across three major platforms (web, iOS and Android apps) that had a clear and simple user journey for the two different user types (suppliers and customers) and would support growth in usage.

We updated localoves website improving the overall user experience across multiple devices by building a fully responsive website, whilst also redesigning branding assets to create a consistent and stronger presence across all platforms and marketing materials.

Overthrow utilised technical and digital knowledge to advise and create a system that instantly synchronises across all platforms providing the full and consistent experience to all users. Providing a dynamic platform that regularly updates bringing fresh content driven by the suppliers.

The platform supports a range of features that are greatly beneficial to the different user types. Suppliers benefit from the voting system that will promote their store and posts within the platform and the built in analytics of user engagement. Customers benefit from the geo location system displaying the markets available where ever they are or are planning to go and the functionality to build a personalised market.

Both user types benefit from the built in messaging system providing a means for both suppliers and customers to connect and engage anywhere, anytime.


As well as updating the localove website and building two native mobile applications on Android and iOS, we provide ongoing technical and digital support assisting in the growth of the platforms user base and digital presence. Advising and assisting with marketing and launch events to successfully generate greater interest, user base and investment into the platform.

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