Noman Campaign - Branding, website design and build
Quote We gave OT a complicated brief and from the get-go they helped distill our diverse concepts into a concrete plan that perfectly met our objectives. In addition to inspiring graphics and presentation for a new campaign, we required addressing a multitude of user profiles, integrating our own CRM, utilising GPS tracking software, all designed to accelerate engagement around our marquee events. The NOMAN campaign proved to be a huge success for the charity, raising over $1 million in just a few months. We love OT. Quote
Tristan Almada, Director, Noman is an Island


Not-for-profit organisation, Noman Is an Island, asked us to design a highly engaging and informative site, to raise awareness about the end HPV campaign. Along side this, we were asked to design eye catching branding that will help promote the cause and guide site visitors to the donation pages.


We created a full set of responsive wireframes and produced a set of branding designs to support the supplied content, and educate website visitors about the charity.  The site was designed as a single page scrolling site to help improve the story aspect of the site.


Noman's new brand and website has been well received and the brochure we have created for them will shortly be used as part of a targeted marketing and fundraising campaign.

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