Oxford Street



Oxford Street is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world with more than 160 million shoppers visiting each year. New West End Company (NWEC) has appointed Overthrow Digital to create a comprehensive online platform for people to refer to as the number one source for the latest news, offers, and competitions on Oxford Street.  

NWEC wants to drive sales into Oxford Street’s British and International brands which range from retail to food. Therefore, a point-by-point user experience would be vital for browsing the multitude of content that will be featured on the client’s website.

An itinerary feature will also be featured on the website to encourage online users of all types to use. Whether they are complete newbies to Oxford Street and need help navigating through the street, or experienced shoppers that need to organize their shopping day out. The itinerary will encourage shoppers to explore all that Oxford Street has to offer in an innovative and organized way.


Overthrow Digital will help to create a unique online presence for Oxford Street that encourages consumer following, engagement, and loyalty. Overthrow aims to create a credible and desirable platform for both Oxford Street members and potential customers to keep coming back to.

Overthrow Digital will also utilize digital marketing tools to ensure that the client has a deeper understanding of their users, optimize their online presence and increase their popularity.


A beautiful, modern and multifaceted website built with complex functionalities working behind the scenes. The website:

  • Is informative,
  • Is content-rich,
  • Is UX-friendly,
  • Is Responsive across a range of devices
  • Is Optimised for online presence (SEO, Google analytics)
  • Has a sophisticated CMS in the backend for admin and author users to update information with ease.
  • Has a unique itinerary function
  • Has a bespoke log-in area for Oxford Street to update their own shop details; opening times, biography, addresses etc.
  • Integrated with analytics tools to help the client generate reports on the website and any campaigns they wish to do.

The Oxford Street website continues to thrive online with thousands of unique users from all over the world visiting the site.

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