Pelican Rouge


Pelican Rouge is a B2B coffee company with 150 years of craftsmanship that enables them to make the perfect cup of coffee. They supply a range of products from coffee beans to vending machines to a range of businesses and public service entities across the UK and in Europe.

Pelican Rouge approached Overthrow Digital to manage, restructure and optimize their Google Adwords campaigns to help them generate more leads.


Upon Overthrow’s takeover, we wanted to ensure that Pelican Rouge’s digital marketing ad campaigns were optimized to their fullest potential using expanded text ads, product dedicated landing pages and display remarketing. 


Before taking over PPC activity their cost per acquisition (CPA) stood at £157 and Overthrow were tasked with reducing it by half. Since taking over, we have overachieved and dramatically reduced their CPA by over half (66.1%) and we have almost quadrupled their number of leads.

We tied the company’s sales CRM into all forms of online marketing and the telephone sales team so that qualified lead information could be fed back to the Overthrow Digital marketing team so that we can further optimize where necessary.

We also tested various ad copies, keywords and created 2 new landing pages to improve the user journey and increase ad quality scores. Furthermore, we’re also running display remarketing to recapture users who may have visited the Pelican Rouge website and landing pages but did not convert. We continue to manage their paid media campaigns and their number of leads continue to grow month on month.

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